7 tips for strawberry-picking in Shizuoka

Whenever I see strawberries in the supermarkets here, I think back to the fresh tartness of strawberries bursting with sugar sweetness in my mouth, plucked directly from the stems of the plants in the greenhouses of Shizuoka, Japan. In Tokyo for our first Sakura Hanami experience, we signed up for a strawberry-picking tour with Club... Continue Reading →

4 Reasons to Visit Nozawa Onsen

  In 2015, it was blizzarding when we stepped off the Nagaden bus after our 1.5 hour ride from Nagano Station to the central parking area of Nozawa Onsen. While the ski season had not officially started, the Nagaden was packed and we were lucky to have managed to squeeze ourselves into the back row... Continue Reading →

Kyoto with Kids

Be warned:- Fairly long post but too lazy to break the places all down by days zzz ...  We usually do not take long breaks in June for the following reasons:- - too much WORK to clear still - kids did badly in mid-year exams and have to catch up - No mood to go... Continue Reading →

Charming Fishing Village – Tai-O

Much has been written, shared and generally recommended about Hong Kong sights and delights for family holidays so we will not go that way here. We will just summarize highlights of our vacation there in early December 2011, when we:-ingested awe-inspiring Dim Sum and all manner of roasts including goose, duck and pig;enjoyed our breezy... Continue Reading →

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