Kid’s Travel Journal

In a bid to encourage the critters to take a more learned approach towards places that we visit on our overseas vacation as well as part of the more desperate attempt to improve their language skills, we came up with the TRAVEL JOURNAL for critters!

While they are usually hastily put together owing to work and other commitments before the trips, we think that this might be a template that parents might be interested to download and modify accordingly. As to how useful a Travel Journal for critters is, we think it really depends on the critter in question. If they are given to diligently filling in the blanks and gluing the various collectibles during moments of respite in between frenetic travelling, we say “BRAVO!! VERY GOOD!! KEEP IT UP!”. At least the critters were doing something non-device related, even if for a little while. If not, then er, maybe the Journal might be a good placeholder for the numerous ticket stubs for transport, attractions and so on that end up in the Mama’s handbag.

In countries like Japan, attractions and even some iconic train stations have woodblock stamps that
critters can use to imprint in the said Travel Journal. Even though this might be attractive to kids under 12 years old (and their enthusiastic mothers), we think it is an excellent idea which should be propagated in all other countries welcoming families with kids as part of their targeted inbound tourist segment. You will be amazed at what avid stamp / print collectors your critters can become as they hunt relentlessly for them at each place of interest.

We produced Travel Journals for our trips to Korea, Osaka and Hokkaido. Although our critters were tardy in the filling up the pages, it was heartening to see them flip through their journals once in a while and chattering about the memories that were created on our trips and immortalised in the pages.

Have fun!



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