Kiso Valley 木曽路 – Walking the Nakasendo Trail 中山道 – Day Four: Nagiso 南木曽

Nagiso itself seemed like any other Japanese rural town, with homes and shops looking like they were built in the 1970s. Besides the smallish supermarket, a café and a few soba shops, it did not seem to warrant much of a visit. However, we wanted to drop by the Momosuke Suspension Bridge (桃介橋) and while it was the season, to visit the Tenpaku Park (天白公園) famed for its Azaleas.

It was a brief 10-minute walk to the bridge from Nagiso Station and with the Sakura in bloom, very picturesque. Crossing the bridge, it was another 10 minutes uphill to the Tenpaku Park for some nice photos of the Azaleas. Happy were we to discover some food stalls set up there where we supported the locals selling onigiri, takoyaki, yakisoba and grilled river fish.

The Nakasendo Trail was amazing in many ways – nature, history, freakish spring weather, remarkable stays, awesome onsens and unforgettable meals. If you are looking for an off-the-beaten-path experience, do consider this trail. If we aunties can do it, so can you!


About the Nakasendo Trail:-

Nagiso Momosuke Bridge:-

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